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    Mijia Xiaomi Lint Remover

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    MIJIA Lint Remover

    0.35mm micro-arc protective clothing net, The 5-blade whirlwind floating cutter head, 90 minutes long endurance

    Easily cope with various fabrics

    Organize old clothes and maintain new ones. Makes you decent more elegant
    * Down jacket, lace material or clothes with uneven surface (rivets, plastic decorative pieces, etc.).
    This product is not recommended.

    Lightweight and simple, no fluff remaining

    0.35mm thick micro-arc steel mesh, new and optimized mesh design, avoid pressing deformation, fit without hurting clothing.
    The 5-blade whirlwind floating cutter head accurately grinds to improve the cutting effect and exert high-efficiency cutting efficiency.

    Strong suction

    The newly designed negative pressure centrifugal fan blade allows the hair ball to be easily inhaled.
    P-shaped anti-backflow air duct design prevents backflow of hair balls and debris.

    Don't worry about battery

    Use 1300mAh lithium battery design, fast charging in 2 hours, 90 minutes long endurance. Equipped with USB charging interface,
    compatible with mainstream adapters, power banks and computers on the market for charging.

    Charging Precautions

    1. Please turn off the lint remover before charging. And charge at room temperature and dry environment.
    2. During charging, the indicator light is in white breathing state. When it is full, the light goes out. The normal charging time is about 2 hours.

    Double protection, more secure

    Remove the cutter head cover or open the fluff bin, the machine will immediately power off and stop working to avoid accidents.

    Xiaomi package

    Standard combination

    FLYCO Lint Remover

    This lint remover uses the advanced magnetic adsorption technology between the honeycomb shaver foil and the body. This fabric remover can be disassembled easily for cleaning and replacing the blade. With USB rechargeable, this lint shaver no need extra batteries which can save money and more environment friendly.

    6-Blade Whirlwind Head

    Take advantage with our newest and revolutionize fabric defuzzer device that has 6 strong and sharp blades.

    Easily cope with various fabrics

    It cuts through excess loose threads, fuzz balls and lint’s from your winter coat, sweater, scarf, gloves, plush toys, car cushion, sofa, leggings, bedding, curtains and linens and other clothing's and fabrics that needs to de-fuzz!

    Fast Charging, Easy To Use

    Hassle-free lint remover cleaner, just charge and use. Charging compatible, multiple options; Charge and direct plug to laptop/desktop, power-bank, car charger, smart IC charger.

    Great for Travel

    With its compact size and cordless operation, this defuzzer is portable and perfect for travel or home use; Stores easily in a drawer, suitcase or wardrobe travel kit.

    FLYCO Package

    Standard combination

    Safety instructions

    1. Do not use this product to handle clothes worn on the body, otherwise it may cause physical or clothing damage.
    2. Do not use compressed gas, steel wool, abrasive cleaner or corrosive liquid to clean products.
    3. Do not flush the machine with water to ensure it is dry.
    4. Avoid use by children and disabled persons. Please keep this product out of reach.
    5. Once the product is damaged, please do not continue to use it.


    1. Do not use this product to handle down clothing, otherwise it may cause damage to clothing.
    2. Do not trim the wool ball on the silk stockings, otherwise the silk stockings may be sucked into the knife head and cause damage.
    3. Do not trim the woolen sweater with the length of more than 5mm.
    4. Flat the clothes before use to prevent wrinkles.


    Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

    Origin: Mainland China

    Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

    Usage: Knitted Sweater

    Use: Neatening/Storage

    Certification: NONE

    Feature: Stocked

    Usage Type: Charging Type

    Production: Blades

    Model Number: MIJIA Lint Remover

    Charging Time: 1-2 Hours

    Material: ABS

    Pellet remover: Lint remover for clothing

    spooling machine: Clothes shaver

    Lint remover: Xiaomi

    pellets machine: pellets remover

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    Mijia Xiaomi Lint Remover

    $18.00 USD

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